Friday, February 20, 2009

I've Been Tagged! What's in a Nickname?

I've been tagged! A new blogger friend Edz had this to say why she tagged me. "This blog is the one that made me follow you.. very nice and different from the other valentine posts that I've read. By the way, I've tagged you. I hope u don't mind..." She was referring to Three Roses & A Baby: A Valentine's Blog Special which has now become one of the favorites of my wife and kids...(LoL...yes, they are my number 1 blog fans).

It took me days contemplating on whether or not to send the tags to other blogger friends. Truth for the delay is, aside from having a very busy week (as in losing some few pounds), I was really trying to find some good excuses not to send the tags out because I felt it was akin to sending "Chain Letters" which is taboo to a lot of fellow bloggers including myself. Nevertheless, I felt required to do it even if its bleak future is destined to be deleted and dumped in the trash bin just like the fate of the chain letters. Hope that its worst case will just end there and will not cause others to smirk and sneer (I really hope not)... Sending the tags would be fair to Edz. Another good justification will be - since I'm denied my weekend this week (I have to rush a capital proposal and submit a summary review on our Logistics Improvement Project), I decided to go for a blithe blog this time. I can do the plugging to the blog during my self-appointed break times which will be in between the mounting pressures of the rush.

Here are the Rules of Court that I need to follow in this Name Tag - What's In A Nickname? Game.

A.) List the names that you are called by and name the people who call you by these names.
1) Darling - who else would use this endearment but my beautiful "Your Honor" wifey.
2) Daddy - Kevin, Gabe, Chloe, and sometimes the Lady of the House when she's angry (sometimes also Dong when I'm about to be held in contempt in the house-court)
3) Daddy-yooo - Kevin-yoo called me this sweet-nothing when he was in elementary school.
4) Daddy Bong - Kara Mae and Nicole (my beautiful nieces)
5) Bobong (with all its prefixes Manong, Uncle, Tito, etc) - my parents, siblings, uncles and aunts, neighbors, cousins, nephews, nieces. Most of the people who call me this nick are from the side of the Abad family in Upi where I grew up till I was 16.
6) Bong (including Tito Bong) - my classmates and dorm mates at the State U; my office mates at ADB, Pure Foods, and the Aquaculture communities in Panay Island and Negros Occidental (Bacolod); nephews and nieces from my wife's side (Muga family); and children of our friends from Bacolod and Cebu.
7) Nereus - my elementary and high school classmates and teachers. Jairo would sometimes call me with this name with a distinct emphasis on the 2nd syllable.
8) Nerk - my close friends in elementary and high school (it sounded very closely to jerk or nerd...)
9) Jethro - some prof in college and law school. Most of my colleagues in offices in the Philippines would call me by this name.
10) Jet (Sir Jet) - my classmates at Law School and some of my friends and family members in Cebu and Bacolod.
11) Boss/Sir - My staff from the Philippine coast to the Red Sea Coast of Arabia; my trainees/students call me this hackneyed nick.
12) Abad - teachers at the State U and law school, my classmate at my senior year in high-school during our CAT, and here in Saudi Arabia. Nobody knows me by any other nick except this Arabic sounding name.
13) Brother, Brod, Bro - where else will you get these nicks but in the company of brotherhood, fraternities and fellowship houses.
14) Tol - my close friends in high school, my old buddies, Dimal uses this nick to call me.
15) To or Noy - that's how I was called by some people in Bacolod. It's actually a respect of the hacienda workers and household helpers.
16) Dr. - sometimes Jairo calls me by this name. It's also a name Al and I use to joke to each other(the title is conferred from some non-existent university somewhere in Recto [LoL] - to keep abreast with other "?" titles used by some other people here).
17) Engr/Mohandesh - some of our staff here at the desert would call me by this name (Saudis and other expats).
18) NJ - my online monicker. It's the initial of my first names. It's also one of the nicknames used by my son Kevin till this day. We used to call him Baby NJ when he was still in the womb.
19) Aquaforce - My radio call sign at work when mobile phones were unheard of.
20) 23 - My radio call sign used by my family.

Omigosh, 20 nicks? What else? "Kalas"(done in Arabic), I now look like a scaled milkfish or tilapia! Nothing to hide.

B) Tag ten others to do the same thing, paste the link of your entry on their guestbooks.

This is not in any particular order (LoL...sounds like finalists for the "name tag" contest huh?)
1) Dr. RJ of Chook-Minder's Quill
2) Kenji of Thoughtskoto
3) Nebz of Isla de Nebz
4) Prof. PaJay of Klasrum ni PaJay
5) 4 Beautiful Ladies of The Pink Tarha
6) JV Cabrera of X-Spot
7) Blogusvox of The Sandbox
8) Madjik of Magic Saucer
9) AJ of Josh of Arabia
10) Abou of Basta

I’m sorry to tag you and I'm sure some of you have been tagged already. For those who have been tagged and have not responded yet, take this as just a friendly reminder from a friend.

I know you will think of this as a nonsense exercise in futility but the tag is now yours. You're the "it". Sorry my friends. Anyhow, I have made this special tag for you to take - a plateful of jumbo shrimps from the desert coast by the Red Sea. I hope you don't refuse!I'll wait and see your how your nicknames will be! What I thought to be a simple blog isn't simple after all.

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  1. Whew! Dalawa na po ang tag kong ganito. Sige po, baka bukas makakagawa po ako. Hindi ako magpa-promise na magagawa ko po kaagad.

    Ang dami nyo po palang nicks! Hahaha! 20 po lahat?! o",) Kuya NJ po ang gusto kong itawag sa inyo. U

  2. hhehehe, natatakot ako sa tagtagtag na yan, pero salamat po NJ sa tag mo. Sabi nga ni Shakepeare, "what's in a name?"

    one day, magagawa ko rin yan, marami pa akong pending tags...pero sikapin ko po.

    salamat parekoy sa hipon, yun ang masarap!yummy!

  3. I'm so touched. Sobra. Promise. I have the same sentiment that you have before I did this tagged post. Thank you for sharing the same feeling. Feeling close na ko sayo. :)

    Aside from that, you actually went out of your way to write all those 20 names that they call you. How sweet...

    I'll call you "Kuya NJ" as well kung ok lang.

  4. Thanks sa tag, NJ. One of these days I'm going to do it.

    Grabe ka sa dami ng pangalan. 20! Guinness! 'To' din ang tawag sa akin ng tatay ko. Un n rin minsan ang tawag sa akin ng 2 kong pamangkin (short for Tito).

    naks pala sa widgets ha. nkakabilib. try ko nga maglog dun sa iba para malagay ko rin sa site ko.

  5. Thanks for the tag pre. Been busy lately kaya it took sometimes to make another posting. But don't worry, I'll do this as soon as I can.

  6. salamat MUHANDIS!..(",)

    sana makapasa ako sa bar inshaallah para panyero na tawag ko sayo...lolz..

    sige boss Jeth..gagawin ko rin to..salamat...

  7. Hahahaha! I understand the feeling coz I've been there too. Ok lang mag respond sa tag, yung malaking problema parang nahihiya kang mang tag ng iba coz you don't want to bother them. aside from that, linking is a job. The good thing is you get to meet new friends and good people in bloggers world. :-)

  8. Got here from i was impressed by your answers on his trivia and got curious... kaya pala.. ang galing, pati blog mo pang genius.. nakaka nosebleed.. hehehe

  9. sir maraming ty sa tag ha, ngayon ko lang napansin..actually para kong si doc RJ eh, 2 beses nakong natag di ko pa rin nagawa..ayos ang graphic mo wd our name ah, hayan tuloy namotivate akong gawin soon after my nxt entry..

    txs for bein'aroun:)

  10. Dok RJ
    Alam ko namang ikalawa na itong tag na ito para sa u. reminder lang yan... mukhang maghihintay ata ako ng 4ever bago ko malaman nicks mo...

    Alam kong di mo pa magagawang mag tag dahil busy ka pa sa love blogging mo...cge bilisan mo...bakasyon mo naman pala...kelan mo kunin hipon mo...hehehe

    Salamat uli sa tag kahit nagka migraine ako sa pagrecall ng mga tawag nila sa akin... touched din ako katulad mo...peks man.

    Dyan nakikita kung ano ka 'sheba' ang isang dami ng pangalan...hehehe...ang sa yo mas konti ng kaunti...hehehe. magkasing panahon tayo! Peace ha.

    Salamat sa pag-acknowledge ng tag. Hayaan mo promises are made to be broken...lalo na sa tagtagan na yan...hehehe... o napatawad kna ha.

    Prof PaJay aka Panyero
    Ganda pakinggan ano? Mukhang malabo na akong makabalik sa law skul... napaenjoy na dito sa desyerto eh...pero gud luck na lang sa bar...mag-bar ops na lang ako sa u...hehehe.

    I know it. I checked on who tagged EdS...gusto ko sanang balikan...hehehe. Yes I agree, lalo mong nakikilala ang blogger friend mo dahil sa mga revelations. Galing ng site mo dude! Impressive!

    Sinagot na kita sa trivia ni ron...hehehe. napunasan mo na ba nosebleed mo? Pa-lay hands na lang natin! Your blog is inspiring! Keep it up. Nag-follow na ako sa u...Kung sa bisaya pa dong...kuyog baboy...hehehe.

    Thanks for dropping by. Sige kunin mo na ang sugpo mo...hehehe. By the way, impressed ako sa blog mo parte sa kay daddy mo. That was a great post! i appreciate the man!

    Sa lahat sa inyo salamat! In times like don't need a "Juicy Fruit gum" but mga kaibigang or bloggers gang!

    Shokran katheera!

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