Friday, January 8, 2010

The Jason Aguilar Ivler – Jason Aguilar Story Rhymes: Mistaken Identity or Sheer Stupidity?

One does not need to be a genius or to be in the intelligence service to figure out the identity because it is obviously very clear! [redundance intended]

Yet another thing evident in this incident should make us OFWs wary and to start thinking twice of our safety.

Nope... we should not fear becoming the next victim of Jason Aguilar Ivler. He's not that interested in us unless we fit into the conditions required for his carnage: (1) traffic altercation, and (not an or) (2) a Malacanang official/member of the official's immediate family. Interesting luck of the draw if the traffic incidents were just plain coincidental. He was guilty of the death of Malacanang Undersecretary Nestor Ponce, Jr. in 2004 in a traffic accident and in November 2009 is again wanted for allegedly shooting the only son of Presidential Chief of Staff Undersecretary Renato Ebarle Sr. in another traffic altercation.

No, we should not worry of another mistaken identity unless we are a namesake of Jason Aquino who are scattered out there in hundreds. I'm glad my name is the only one in this entire world... a name I previously had an aversion to.

What sends chills to my spines is our 'protectors' competence and capability to safeguard and keep from harm the millions of Filipino diaspora workers...

If OWWA and the Philippine Embassy in Qatar failed to provide the much needed legal assistance and representation to one innocent soul what else could we expect from our so called 'protectors'?

What will then happen to around 3,000 OFWs in the Middle East who are detained for crimes ranging from petty misdeameanors to capital crimes and all the other OFWs in the other continents languishing in jail?

To be put in jail for a crime he did not actually commit is an injustice; staying in jail for an uncertain time without any legal representation is an additional injustice; and being repatriated because of mistaken identity, that shattered the OFW's hopes and dreams, is sheer stupidity to the highest degree by the government officials who are responsible for this.

Who are responsible for this blooper? The NBI... OWWA... POEA... Philippine Embassy in Qatar... the Qatari authorities?

Now, can anyone please assure the OFWs that this trepidation and frightening thought is not true and the Jason Aguilar mistaken identity does not happen again?

A good read:
Soy Negrense's I Call It Plain Stupidity!

This corner appreciates the help and support of the staunch OFW supporter and senatorial candidate Ms. Susan "Toots" Ople of the Blas Ople Policy Center for spearheading the inquiry and the demand for explanation from the Philippine authorities of the failure in providing assistance and legal representation to Jason Aguilar while he was detained in Doha, Qatar. Thank you very much Ms. Toots.


  1. I agree.

    (Hindi ko na po dadagdagan pa. Baka may masabi pa akong kung ano, halatang-halata kasing galit kayo.)

  2. Doc RJ - uu... galit sa kung sino mang responsable sa katangahang ito and at the same time, appreciating the efforts of Ms. Susan "Toots" Ople in her unwavering support to us OFWs. It would be an opportuned time to say that I am supporting her candidacy to the Senate.

  3. Jeth, isama nyo na si Risa Hontiveros for senator. Any candidate who supports the RH Bill will surely get my vote as well. Ms. Ople has been in my shortlist along with Kata Inocencio and Alex Tinsay for their anti-corruption stance. Nangampanya na ano? Hahaha!

  4. Yes, Risa is in my shortlist too. I still need to review Kata and Alex Tinsay's platform but will surely root for them once they meet the parameters... :-). Yes, we've got to openly campaign for candidates especially those who are supportive to the OFW cause.

  5. I also agree, I saw it in the news sa Balitang Middle East. It only show how stupid people can be. ruining other peoples live is their porte must be. sana hindi na maulit ang ganitong pangyayari.its sickening.

  6. Grabe naman ang nangyari dun sa Jason na napagkamalan, kawawa naman ang kinabukasan niya. Sana nga matulungan siya ng OWWA o ang gobyerno na makabalik sa Qatar o kahit saang bansa. At iba talaga ang nagagawa ng "power" kahit sa Qatar nahahanap ang suspect yun nga lang maling suspect ang nakuha at nadamay ng husto hehehe. Pero dapat ngang mahuli na ang totoong suspect dahil napakaliit ng bagay para pumatay ng tao.

  7. NJ: What this incident proves to us is that we are at the mercy of people without brains and common sense. Nakakagigil and at the same time nakakatakot dahil a similar incident can also happen to all of us.

    Re list of senatoriables. Why don't we come up with our own recommended line up na bubuo ng OFW's Chosen 12 (or PEBA's Top 12 perhaps)?

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