Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Calling Our So-Called OFW Protectors!

Employer allegedly locks up 42 protesting OFWs in Saudi Arabia!
From GMANews.TV

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In just less than a week after the hullabaloo of the mistaken identity of OFW Jason Aguilar that left him with a shattered dream, another alarming news of 42 OFWs, who have also lost their OFW dreams, is taking place in the neighboring desert of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They have been allegedly locked up after complaining of unjust labor practices by their employer, operation and construction firm Annasban Group. They have been isolated, discriminated and probably harassed for protesting to alleged unfair labor practices by their company.

Migrante-Middle East reported that the OFWs have gone to the extent of planning to stage a hunger strike to compel the government to speed up efforts for their repatriation.

Here's the story of the Protesting OFWs in Saudi asking RP to repatriate them. We are paging on the Philippine Overseas Labor Office-POLO at the Philippine Embassy (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), the OWWA and the POEA to expedite the repatriation of our fellow OFWs.


  1. Thank you NJ for posting this one. I have seen it last night sa GMA at nakakaawa ang kalagayan ng ating mga kababayan.

    Please allow me to repost it sa KABLOGS.

    god bless you.

  2. I also posted it in my Facebook account and Janette Toral shared it also in her FACEBOOK profile. Thanks NJ. Is there anyway we can contact there?

  3. anooo????!!! 12k pesos lang sahod and isang buwan????
    Dear,pano ko kaya buhayin isang idik ko sa ganyang sahod?

    Tamang tama yang exposee ng GMA news.Tingnan nga natn kung yung mga tatakbo sa election may maitutulog?
    Or pitik bulag na lang...