Thursday, August 27, 2009

Smoking the Peace Pipe, Burying the Hatchet and Declaring A Blog-War

On Mike Avenue's Decision to Smoke the Peace Pipe and Our Action to Bury the Hatchet

When Mike Avenue offered to smoke the peace pipe and to bury the hatchet in what we may consider as one of our most unpleasant experiences at PEBA and KaBlogs, I saw a man stand so tall. I saw one who tried to make the best step forward in a very difficult situation. It required from him strength and courage to apologize and to admit his mistakes. He did not lose self-respect but instead gained appreciation, understanding and compassion from all of us whom he had hurt before by his previous posts and beliefs. When he offered to smoke the peace pipe, ending weeks of argument and fighting over the Tsokolate and Daga posts, he established a peace treaty and became an ally of the OFW. For me, Mike Avenue is no longer somebody-who-must-not-be-named (to borrow Isla de Nebz's line who also at this time calls him MA). He now stands a gallant gentleman (Look at his picture).

That moment was memorable for us! Thanks Pope, Kenji and Lord CM for being emissaries of the peace talks. We right away buried the hatchet (American English colloquial to "make peace" as the hatchet is an allusion to the figurative and literal practice of putting away the tomahawk and the weapons of war during cessation of hostilities).

For more details of the peace talks, please read Palipasan's Try Before You Quit, Kenji's Dear Mike, Naintindihan Na Kita, and KaBlogs' Mike Avenue Said Sorry to All OFWs!

Peace Was Short-Lived: The Red Flag Must Once Again Be Raised!

We intended to bury and cache our weapons of war when one person with Makitid Na Utak (Kenji's Post) tried to earn his Ticket to Stardom (Bizjoker's Post) hurting Silang Mga Nangarap (Lord CM's Dungeon) for which came out the OFW Says Foul, Respect the OFW (Pope's Palipasan), Chico's Attack on OFW (Part 1) and the noise barrage echoed Respeto Ang Sigaw! (Gumamela sa Paraiso) adlibbing Batang 'henyo's Ako ay Tutula.. (Bow!).

New protest: Kosa Pogi's Para sayo Kupal.Kupal.

Declaration of War

Arvin de la Pena's post on Mukhang Pera is a discriminate, reckless, foolish, rash and irresponsible post of one who claimed to be an ex-OFW.

It is a barefaced ridicule and contempt of the sacrifices of the Filipino Expatriates and Overseas Filipino Workers by branding them as money-faced, unprincipled, and good for nothing slaves for money in other more progressive countries.

Whether it was a satire or whatever figure of speech he may have wanted to portray in his post, he failed to achieve it. He may have added the statistics of visitors to his blog but it was done in a very distasteful manner.

He is one blogger who has overstepped the bounds of sensitivity and responsibility of a decent mind of an accountable and responsible blogger.

We therefore declare a blog war against this person who continuously persist in exploiting, abusing, and maligning the Overseas Filipino Worker.

This declaration of blog war will only be lifted upon this person's retraction and an apology for his irresponsible blogpost!


  1. tsk tsk tsk!!!!may nanggugulo na naman lol

  2. I admire your courage for taking a strong stand against a blogger who tramples the dignity of the OFW.

    Maraming salamat.
    Mabuhay ang Global Filipinos.
    Mabuhay ang PEBA at KABLOGS.

  3. Thank you for this post. I am waiting for his post to be edited or deleted but there was no action, so I am thinking to call for him to be blocked if it is possible in our CBOX.

    I don't know since I think he has some kind of Personality or Intellectual-Incapacity-to-Understand or BIPOLAR BRAIN DISORDER. Maybe we will just ignore him?

  4. Also, can I borrow your photo of him? I'll use it as a photo sa mga blogs na I will ask to post para matauhan kung nakabalandra ang mukha niya sa mga blog natin.

  5. Patay, na-reject ng QC...

    Junk na ba yan or pwedeng back job?

    Hand salute para sa'yo NJ!

    Mike, i wish all the best sa pagbubukas ng blog mo..looking forward...peace bro!

  6. Para sayo Mike,hihintayin ko ang pagbubukas ng bago mong pahina at nang mapagpatuloy ko naman ang naputol na paghanga sa mga naisusulat mo...alam mo yan pre, dati pa at hindi bola yan...

    Sa sumunod na topic..? No commentlolzz mas masarap makipagtalo sa taong may alam kaysa nagpapanggap na may alam lamang...

  7. AYAYAAY,,,




  8. @sa lahat

    Marami pong salamat sa lahat! Ako'y lubos na natutuwa sa kapatawarang iginawad ninyo sa akin. Pinipinturahan na po ang bahay ko at harimanawari na sa isang linggo'y opisyal nang mabuksan. (Naks)


    Maraming salamat sa pagtitiwala. Katulad ng aking taos pusong paghingi ng sorry ay taos sa puso ring kagustuhan na maging kaibigan ang lahat. At makita kayo ng personal upang lalong maging matibay ang samahan! Ingat lagi at mabuhay ka!

    Mike Avenue

  9. medyo napahaba yata ang tulog ko at di ko nasubaybayan ang mga nangyari. the link to the said blog is no longer available. mukhang binura upang wag na sigurong mailugmok mashado ang mukha sa putik.

    no one can put us down. our detractors are all-knowing hypocrites who is trying to destroy the image of OFWs.