Saturday, August 8, 2009

Petition to Oust Willie Revillame

I have nothing against Willie Revillame neither I'm a fan of his Wowwowwee Noontime Show (although a lot of my non-Pinoy staffs including the locals would proudly tell me that there are lots of cute girls running all over the television show on the verge of stripping off the rest of their clothes).

I'm neither a Kapuso nor a Kapamilya devotee cause I could survive for eons without watching TV shows. I would probably decide about siding with any of the giant network who will be willing to become a major sponsor in the 2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA, Inc.) Awarding Night on Sunday, 27-December in Manila.

As always said, hate the wrong act but not the actor. The arrogance and disrespect which Willie displayed during that particular instance is unacceptable especially to someone who's a former President of the country and an icon of our democracy.

Thus, after reading and signing the online petition: "Petition to Oust Willie Revillame" written by one Roel C. Saguisag I feel that you might agree too. I personally agree with what the petition says.

If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

Here's the Petition

To: ABS CBN Management, MTRCB and PANA
To Whom It May Concern:

I am an avid viewer of ABS CBN and I am very well up-to-date regarding their shows. Without any doubt, I am a Kapamilya. However, last August 03, 2009, an incident happened when Wowowee Host Willie Revillame blurted out comments when a video of Pres. Cory's cortege appeared on the screen.

While a contestant was dancing for the talent portion, a snippet of Pres. Cory Aquino's cortege was shown on the screen. But Willie did not cut short the dancing portion. Instead, he let the contestant finish her routine. After that, he blurted out comments regarding the video of Pre. Cory's cortege. He said:

"Kung ganyan, pakita na lang natin 'yan. Kasi nagsasaya kami dito, tapos... Masakit sa akin 'yan, e. Nagsasalita ako dito... 'yan, please. Sana maintindihan n'yo. Nagsasaya kami dito, papakita n'yo sa amin yun ang... di ba? Hindi tama, e. Okey? Hindi ba?"

"Pangit! Hindi ho maganda sa atin. Nagsasalita, ipinapakita yung kabaong ni Tita Cory, hindi ba? Papano kami makapagsasaya, nahihirapan kami? I'm sorry ho, ha. Pero ako, totoo ako, e. 'Wag n'yo akong pagagalitan, kasi totoo ang gusto kong malaman...

"Pagkatapos ng show, ipakita n'yo ang gusto n'yong palabas. Kasi itong Wowowee, gusto ko... Hindi ba, at alam din ni Tita Cory 'yan dahil napasaya rin siya ng show na ito na laging masaya dito, ok?"

Some may argue that Willie's intention was good, but I rather find these statements rude and arrogant. Wowowee and Revillame is known by millions of Filipino viewers and the show is even watched across several countries through TFC. To react in such way is downright arrogant and disrespectful to the former President Corazon Aquino. I know that it was a bad taste for ABS-CBN to show a snippet of the funeral on Wowowee, but it was worst for Revillame to react that way.

Willie have chosen to let the contestant dance instead of cutting short her act and give way to the coverage of the cortege. Willie have chosen to blurt out his rude comments ON-AIR instead of Off-cam. In short, Willie have chosen to have fun instead of giving way to the funeral of Pres. Corazon Aquino. So they'd rather have fun instead of pay our respects to our democracy icon? That was not a good example to our youth today.

Was it really hard for him to be humble and human? I believe that this is not the first time that he aired his views and rather arrogant comments On-air. He embarasses his staff, makes fun of the contestants, and arrogantly act on TV almost everyday. Pres. Aquino taught us humility, and Revillame is showing us the exact opposite: arrogance.

This time, Willie's statement should be condemed not only by the public, but by the management of ABS-CBN as well. It also creates a public outrage in the internet forums, chatting boards, and online-newspapers. Majority have negative reactions and have condemned Willie Revillame's brutal statements.

With this, I am calling the attention of the management of ABS-CBN to stop the "arrogant act" of Willie Revillame on National TV program and reprimand him because of his actions. Willie Revillame had been very disrespectful to the Pres. Cory Aquino's cortege, Filipinos icon of democracy. It was also worst for your company that your own employee criticize you on national television instead on off the air conversations.

I am calling the attention of the MTRCB to be more vigilant, so that this lowest form of personal attack by a tv showbiz talk show host, for her/his personal agenda, will not happen again

I am calling the PANA to stop supporting Wowowee until they axe or reprimand Willie Revillame due to his actions. With him as one of the hosts, your product does not project a positive image to the public.

The public and TFC subscribers deserve better programming, and we deserve better than the likes of Willie Revillame.

The Undersigned

The Petition to Oust Willie Revillame Petition to ABS CBN Management, MTRCB and PANA was created by OK and written by Roel C. Saguisag ( This petition is hosted at as a public service.


  1. what an arrogant, disrespectful man.


    His fame has blown over his head, he has forgotten that the air of freedom of speech and of press that he is enjoying at that moment is from the sacrifices of late Pres. Cory Aquino.

    If there is one show that should stop airing at that moment is his show.

  3. I've read it in another blog post. and I am looking for Kris' reaction regarding this matter.

    Have this been tackled in any live news?

    He should have shut his mouth na lang sana... I'm not watching his shows dahil hindi naman ako mahilig manood ng noontime shows talaga. Sana hindi na lang in-ere un...

  4. Grabe naman si Willie, he should have not comment on air if there was a mistake on the part of the technical staff or whoever shown that cortege...ano kaya ang comment ni Kris dito?

  5. I am not Kapamilya..I am a devoted Kapuso..I saw the news about Willie's arrogant reaction over the snippet..

    In my own opinion Willie's reaction was unacceptable but it doesn't mean that ABS must put an end to Wowowee. The issue is personal. ABS can kick out Willie living other host to run the show..

    What I am hoping now is for Willie to seek for apology publicly.

  6. i agree... rude, disrespectful and arrogant... and in a public show watched by millions, that is unacceptable! certainly a bad example to the public... did anyone else notice the studio audience applaud his inarticulate and incomprehensible ("ung ano") speech? i guess those people have been following for a long time ABS-CBN's biggest star.


  7. in as much as i agree w/ anyone says about willie, i witness how his temper-cum-joke treated his guests and staff, ruel is also right,..@ least a final warning on his part..but willie, should for the last time, mellow or else..AX him for good.he is RICH, anyway.

    however, though, napapirma mo ko S'NJ..naku, lagot ako kay mother ng wowowee un eh.

    kmusta na pala..

  8. Matanong ko lang siya ba may ari ng ABS? kasi the way he act parang pagmamayari nya lahat pati mga staff and crew nya on air talagang he yell and embarrass them...what more off-cam right...Now I knew why iniiwan sya ng mga naging asawa na...

  9. Eversince, eversince, hindi ko na gusto ang asta ni Willie Revillame, eversince eversince pa yata during the times nila Randy Santiago at sino pa ba yung isa, yung long hair na dating husband ni Janice? Ayun, John Estrada. Sorry to say pero wala kaming TFC at GMA.

  10. I'm a Filipino immigrant who live here in Los Angeles. I used to watch Wowowee on TFC because my mom likes variety shows and I would sit there and join her. But as soon as I started watching it I stopped. I stopped watching because I cannot stand Willie and the show itself. I used to not be able to pinpoint exactly why I didn't like Willie and the show. Then it became clear to me - I didn't like what he does: I don't like the fact that he capitalizes on people's misfortunes to invoke sympathy in his audience, at the expense of his guests/contestants. I don't like that he's on a power trip. He is so insecure in himself that he is constantly seeking validation from others (he loves it when his contestants profusely comment on how handsome he is, on how good he is, etc.). A lot of comments have already been made about his arrogance. Actually I think it's more than arrogance, what he demonstrates is hubris. This latest episode though is not entirely his fault. I fault the management/director of the show for showing overlays of the Aquino cortege on top of Wowowee. They should have shown the full cortege instead. I agree with Willie that they should not have been showing the cortege on top of the show. I repeat, the appropriate thing would have been to only show the cortege and then gotten back to Wowowee after showing the cortege.

    Going back to Willie. I do think that what Willie's style does is to bring out and exacerbate the poor mentality that exists in the majority of us Filipinos. While it's true that there are so many of us that are poor, capitalizing on that fact to gain viewership as opposed to showing a more optimistic and uplifting show, does not help the Filipino evolve.

    I'm sure that it is not only Willie who is responsible for this. The sheer number of people who watch this show and make it popular are, whether they like it or not and whether they are aware of it or not, are just as responsible --- WE GET WHAT WE ASK FOR!

    By the way, I am also not a fan of Eat Bulaga. It is just as mindless and unevolved.

    But perhaps the fact that these kinds of shows are popular in the Philippines (and the same types of shows are also popular in other countries and cultures) is simply a reflection of our level of development (or lack thereof).

    It does make me wonder: which came first Wowowee/Eat Bulaga or the people who watch them???

    I long to watch more intelligent, optimistic and thought-provoking shows on Philippine television (along the lines of "Born to be Wild", "Storylines", "Landmarks", "Philippine Explorer").


  11. Sa usaping ito, what I'm waiting for is an apology from ABSCBN for inserting Cory Aquino's live feed while Wowowee show was on. It was done in bad taste. And they should also apologize to the Aquino family.

    That's my personal opinion about this whole thing.

    That's the last of Willie, kahit ano'ng gawin nila.

  12. Sumusobra na nga siya minsan...

  13. wag na dapat pabalikin si willie. palitan na lang sya ng ibang host, gaya ni Randy Santiago!

  14. I have seen the noon time show Wowowee last August 3, 2009. The demeanor of the host, Mr. Willie Revillame, was shocking and disgusting. But I am wondering why people focused only on his words and actions when he said, “Kung ganyan, pakita na lang natin 'yan. Kasi nagsasaya kami dito, tapos.. etc. (read the quoted statementes of Mr. Willie Revillame in the papers or online news)”.

    In this particular show of Wowowee, the host displayed three (3) acts of bad manners:

    (1.) When Mr. Revillame was interviewing one of the contestants, he kept on saying something to this effect, "bilisan mo.. baka maputol na naman tayo dahil sa ano… yong ano".

    - a writer in a broadsheet said that Mr. Revillame just kept on saying “ano” when referring to the cortege of Pres. Corazon Aquino. It was so improper and disrespectful of him to just say “ano” when referring to the icon of democracy.

    (2.) The quoted words of Mr. Revillame in this online petition by Roel Saguisag.

    - I need not say anything on this matter as this is the highlighted behavior of the host.

    (3.) In that game wherein the contestants would guess the title of the song. The contestant gave the correct answer or title of the song which is Mad. Then Mr. Revillame said, “tama Mad! Yan ang feeling ko ngayon Mad!”

    - this behavior or mental state of being angry should not be shown in a national television. Mr. Revillame must have controlled his emotions, a responsibility he owes to the public.

    These three (3) bad manners of Mr. Revillame, when taken together, clearly show an ill-mannered host. Mr. Revillame, a disgrace to the kapamilya, should be fired by the network. ABS-CBN noon time show will still be No. 1 even without Mr. Revillame provided that they continue to be generous in giving prizes to the contestants. The people patronize Wowowee, not because of Mr. Revillame but because of the gifts and prizes the show had been giving the public.

    Change the host + continue to be generous on prizes = ABS-CBN noontime show No. 1.

    Bottom line: Oust Willie Revillame!!!

  15. I love the show but hate the arrogance of Willie. He made himself by capitalizing on poor Filipinos miserable stories. He needs to be reminded that he needs the show and not otherwise. I demand that ABS-CBN teach this guy tact & professionalism in dealing w/ the public that he serves or quit.

  16. eto po sinulot ko sa pag sign ko po ng petition po...

    hnd po ako ng sisign dahil sa manga negativo na texto...ginagawa ko lang po ito para marinig din ang kung anu ang paniniwala ko po...opo madami nagawa si kuya willie na hnd maganda at napunta sa malaking sitwasyon...pero kung titignan po natin maigi...masama po ba tlga sya...para sakin..hnd po eh...kasi po may tao ba na masama pero nakukuhang patawarin...i dnt think so...isipin nyo po sarili nyo at lagay nyo po ang sarili nyo sa kinatatayoan nya po...mahihirapan tlga po kayo dahil syempre...iba ang nasa isipan nang bawat tao...meron makaka intindi...meron maiinis...dun po sa nangyari nung august 3...pano nyo po masasabing bastos? ako sa tingin ko po nasasabi nyo lang yun dahil sa manga reklamo sakanya noon..pero past is past...tapos na yung noon pero pilit nyo parin po e sisi sakanya ang matagal nang tapos...dba po may kasabihan na forgive and forget...and meron din pong forgive and never ngayun tayo ay yung pangalawa which is ung forgive and forget...dahil po ang sa pag kaka alam ko sa nangyayari...nakaka pag tawad tayo sa kapwa natin na may hinanakit satin pero d natin makakalimutan na minsan tayo'y nasaktan sa gawain neto...ok lang naman na hnd natin kalimutan eh...pero ung punto na pinatawad natin..ibig sabihin po nun ay hnd na dapat e diin sa tao na yun kapag may nagawa sya na pag kakamali ulit...for example po..may nagawa ka po mali tapos humingi ka po ng tawad at napatawad ka susunod na magkamali ka gugustohin mo ba na e diin nila ung sitwasyon nang dahil sa nangyari dati...syempre hindi...dba po parang..ay ganyan pala manga pilipino...mas hnd maganda yun...opo malaking gulo ang nasabi ni kuya willie nung august 3...pero nag explain naman po sya at nag sorry na sa family aquino...and napatawad na dba po kung ganun ay sana napatawad nyo na din po sya....ang nasa sakin lng po ay sana mapatawad nyo na po sya...tao din nman sya...walang gusto gawin kung hnd mapaligaya ang bawat pilipino kung nasaan ka man sa buong mundo...un lang po...masama po ba yun...? and ung sinasabi nyo po na bastos dun sa part na kung bkt hnd po nya pinatigil nalang muna sana ung contestant... at pinatangal ung VTR...kung ikaw po cguro si kuya willie sa manga oras na un...matataranta ka din po eh...pinag sisisihan naman po ni kuya willie sa manga nangyari...pinatigil nya man ung contestant or hinintay matapos ung contestant...parehas parin ang mang yayari...ung manga sinabi nya ay ganun parin...pero he means no harm...hnd ko po ito sinasabi po para ma iba ang pag titiwala nyo po sa manga pinag iisip nyo po k kuya willie...sinasabi ko lang po ang kung anu ang paniniwala ko po...salamat po...and kung nasa saakin po...ayaw ko pong mawala sa abs-cbn at wowowee si kuya willie...pag nag balik po sure matututo na po sya and tayong manga mag pa tawad na lang po ...para d na lang po maging addition ito sa problema ng pilipinas...hnd man ako ung number 1 fan po ni kuya...pero masasabi ko po na mabuti and intensyon nya sa bawat pilipino...

  17. this is too much... oust willie