Thursday, May 14, 2009

i'M BacK!

Nope, I'm not yet back at the desert but yes, I'm back to the same situation that one fine Friday morning of May 1, 2009 when I was panicking and cramming to pack up my things with only a few hours left before my scheduled flight from Jeddah to the paradise island of Cebu.

Today, 14th May, my luggages are still empty for my 6:20 flight back to the desert. Yes, our house is just a few minutes drive to the airport but I need to rush now for the packing of my things to be able to catch up with my flight. Hmmmn...when will I ever learn?

Inshallah, I'll be in Doha, Qatar tonight so if my friend the Pope of Palipasan will have time to read this hurriedly written blog, I'll be at the Doha Seef Hotel near the Corniche and I'll see you tonight.

I'll keep you posted of my 2-week vacation as soon as I land in the desert!


  1. Ayos ah!!!Have a nice trip parekoy :)

  2. have a safe trip kuya NJ!
    i hope the POpe will be able to reasd this just in time para aside dun sa 2 week vacation update mo, may Qatar EB din with the Pope..
    take care po and Godbless...


  3. Aahhh kaya pala matagal kang walang bagong post! Aabangan namin mga kwento mo ha! jijijijiji...have a safe trip!

  4. have a safe trip Kuya NJ...

    magmano ka kay The Pope pagnagkita kayo sa Qatar ha? lolz!


  5. Ngayon pa lang, welcome back na, NJ. Panibagong pakikibaka na naman to!

    And congrats din for your efforts sa PEBA. Marami akong narinig na magandang bagay na ginawa mo while your in PI.

    Have a safe trip and Godbless.

  6. wawawiwaw..have a safe trip and welcome back!

    mzta ang pinas...hehehe

  7. bz talaga ang sir NJ, basta ingats po lagi wereever u go @forget us not..

  8. Hi! I love to see you in Doha, I'll meet you in your hotel tonight, but I wonder what's your flight details. I'll leave my contact numbers at the lobby too, its 5640624 / 4325734.

  9. Holiday pala sa Cebu! o",)

    Ang galing, may photos pa ng mga luggages.