Thursday, June 4, 2009


02 June 2009 - The passing of Resolution 1109 is a classic example of legislative privilege. It is written in the wall - their motives are already exposed and known!

The House of Congress has spoken when 170 Representatives sponsored and passed Resolution 1109 which calls for the members of the House of Congress to convene as a "CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY" or CONASS to propose amendments to the Constitution. The marching orders allegedly came from the President herself!

We should not be surprised to see dissent and disagreement, as well as anger at that turn of events at the House of Congress.

Was the rammed through, railroaded, and passed resolution a dress rehearsal for Martial Law?

As OFWs, what should be our stand on this? All we can do now is to stop this travesty from happening by displaying these badges on our blogs. Grab the badge and display on your sidebars!

We need to be informed and be updated!

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  1. Sa term pa lang na Con ASS, parang hindi na magandang pakinggan! Whew! Kaya sigurado ang motives medyo hindi rin kaaya-aya.

    Ayos ang badge! Parang nais kong i-grab.

    [Parang gusto ko tuloy baguhin ang huling talata ng talumpati ni Madamme Nunal... o",) ]