Friday, June 12, 2009

Independence Day and The Chocolate Bar Story!

Freedom is the timeless message not just of Kawit, Cavite but traces back even in the shores of Mactan in 1521. It is a priceless gift bequeathed to us Filipinos. People who are known to be fierce lovers of freedom and enemies of subjection.

The fight for freedom has not ended up 111 years ago during the Kawit Declaration of Independence. It is an ongoing battle and it's going to be a fierce fight for freedom especially with the recent passing of Resolution 1109. The congressmen who voted in favor of CONASS thought that freedom was doing what they pleased.

Similarly, many of "us" take the liberty to do as we please under the guise of “freedom".

As we celebrate today our so-called "freedom" from the colonizers, may we not just find our freedom as a Filipino nation but to also realize that the one-time ransom price has been paid for our freedom from slavery.

A happy independence day to all those who believe that they are free!

Cheers and here are some 'chocolate' candy bars for the celebration!


  1. Whew! Talagang hindi niyo isinali sa pagbati ang mga taong pakiramdam ay hindi malaya... I think there are plenty.

  2. Hehehe :D mas marami ata pre ang hindi naniniwalang malaya na sila...kahit ako hindi pa naniniwala eh :)

  3. Pare belated happy independence sa iyo...

  4. hehehe, very very funny yung chocolate bar story.

  5. hahahahaha!!! galing ng chocolate story...

    happy independence day kuya NJ!

  6. hahaa...ang galing...

    belated happy independence poh! :D

  7. Isang mapagpalayang pagbati, Henry, I mean NJ.

    That was sooo green...I mean the presentation! Napatawa naman daw ako.

    "Many of "us" take the liberty to do as we please under the guise of “freedom"."


  8. whatta free thought of a genuine expat..and filipino!

    naku marami yatang di nakasali sa pagbati mo sir Nj...ako semi-lang, hehe..

    i am yet to (and xcited) open the choco-story...hay, bagal ng pc ko :D

  9. Belated Happy Independence, and I love your Chocolate Story....

    A blessed Saturday to you bro.