Friday, June 5, 2009

Moving Forward With Lessons Learned In Standing Up For What We Believe Is Right

Many of us OFW bloggers have spoken. Our Manifesto clearly outlined and defined our beliefs and stand... the lines have been drawn... the rules we play under have been set...we trusted our instincts and values... we trusted ourselves... we believed in our inner compasses and we did what we feel was right under the circumstances...

Many have been hurt... opinions differed... factions and walls built... and the effect, the Pinoy Bloggywood is in the throes of frenzy and hysteria.

We have condemned the Tsokolate post and have demanded for his apology to the OFW community but if he prefers not to do so, that is his decision and his choice. And I respect his decision. Even now, new posts from his blog-kingdom keep on coming. We may find some of the posts offending but our Manifesto will stand as our guide.. probably adding more post-titles to the list other than the Tsokolate if it crosses the line. Are we going to be entrapped by the snares? Decisions and choices may not always turn out correct but then we should live with our choices without regrets.

While this experience isn’t particularly pleasant for many of us and regardless of the outcome of this, all of us must come out stronger with at least some lessons learned from it.

When all this uproar in the Bloggywood happened, there are several lessons that were reinforced in me as an OFW blogger and that,
(1) I will continue to respect the opinions and expressions of others.
(2) I will continue to write the truth and if not sure on issues, I will continue to do extensive researches and only then will I write my post.
(3) I will continue to write a disclaimer if there are issues or intellectual properties which are not mine.
(4) I will continue to be totally responsible for what I write. If found to be wrong, I will immediately apologize and accept my mistakes.
(5) I will continue to write my stand on the issues that I believe are right and will never take cover under the guise of being Anonymous when I write my comments in the posts of others.

There are countless and more lessons learned but these are the ones that struck me most for now.

We need to move forward... lot more important issues need to be taken up just like the CONASS, which has been passed... this issue calls for our attention and our stand as OFWs... many OFWs need our help and support... the KaBlogs Help Desk and its Jobs Support Program... the 2009 PEBA that all of us are excitedly looking forward to... and many more opportunities that we could contribute our precious time and efforts.

Just like riding a bicycle, we need to move forward to keep our balance. We’ve got to move forward... lend a helping hand... open new doors of opportunities... and doing new things!


  1. Tama lang to, marami na tayo natutunan,marami ring natauhan, nasabi na natin ang gusto natin sabihin, naipakita nating lumalaban tayo sa mga taong may maling pananaw tungkol sa atin...okey na yun...

    Wala namang nanalo o natalo...nasa sarili na lang natin ang pagtanggap ng nakaraan para kahit sa sarili natin panalo tayo...

    Tuloy lang ang pagsusulat :)

  2. @CM: Tama ka jan bro. Matanong nga, san ka nakatira ngaun? Mukhang residente ka na ng blogosperyo ah. Good day pare!

  3. Hehehe :D Dito lang ako sa tabi tabi, nagkataon wala pang masyadong project kaya net lang maghapon...pero last week ng june to first week ng july busy na naman...baka bigla akong mawala dito, pero babalik din :D

  4. Now that our voices have been heard from the mountain top, let us go back to our normal life, so many tasks that awaits us, and by the end of the day, let us pray that may God guide us as we face the new challenges in life as Migrant workers.

    A blessed weekend.

  5. @CM: sinubaybayan ko yung posting nateng manifesto kaya't lagi kitang nakikita sa may traffic lights... hehehe. weekend na jan. enjoy pre!

    @DocRJ: Thanks. I know that this experience is not pleasant to you and you were right too for containing your anger in silence!

    @Pope: Yes! We have made our collective stand on the issue. Let that be. We should not be trapped in this frenzy. A lot more issues await us. Enjoy your weekend bro!

  6. korek! lets move foward na, nangyari na ang nangyari at sana hindi na mauulit pa.

    ating balikan at pag-usapan nalang ang mas importatnte at mas mainit pang issue..PEBA..hehehe

  7. sabi nga nila,
    lets move forward...

    ang init nga ng issueng ito...

  8. PEBA GO GO GO!!! hehehe, mas mainit yun!

    Thank you for this post.

    I think I agree with Pogi, sa PEBA na tayo magfocus and of course gaya ng addendum ko sa Manifesto post ko, the CON-ASS.

    Will make a stand on that.

  9. anu't anu pa man ang nangyari...
    patuloy pa ring iikot ang mundo...
    matatabunan ng mas MAKABULUHANG isyu ang bagay na toh...

    o yeah o yeah?
    move on na tyo pipoL! :)

  10. Isa na namang mainit na topic to..nice tol!

  11. Hayaan nyo na! Kahit hindi inaamin, nakikita namang tinama-an. Nagbago na rin ang tema ng pagsusulat at pakikitungo sa madla. Makikita mo yan by purely observing. : )

  12. maari nating sabihin kahit anung gusto natin... maari nating ihayag kung nau mana ng nilalaman ng puso at isipan natin.. basta nararapat lang na tandaan natin lagi na may responsibilidad tayo sa ating kapwa... responsible writing daw ang tawag dun..

  13. @Pogi - oo nga PEBA na lang muna tutukan naten... truce muna ngaun...peace talks muna...hehehe

    @Kosa - oo nga 'igan, mainit na nga dito sa desyerto nadagdagan pa ng init sa blogosperyo...whew! forwarddddddd march!

    @kenji - umiinit na... PEBA go... PEBA go... rahrahsisboomba.

    @Jenskee - sige na nga move forward na tayo...baka pa maiwan ng sasakyan.

    @Mokong - oo nga 'igan, di ako nakapasyal jan sa condo mo kasi busing-busy lately sa edsa...nyahaha...

    @ParengVox - Yes, the changes that happened sa kanyang pahina just show that in one way or the other, the ofw message was clear.

    @YanaH - yes...tama ka jan yanah...responsible blogging!

  14. It's an eye-opener for us all no? That episode of Tsokolate reminded us what not to be as bloggers.

    I totally agree with your five points. And I totally support your endeavour, NJ. I'll always be your avid follower. Naks.

  15. Hahaha Nebz, patayo na tayo ng kulto sa blogging... hehehe.. yun bang mutual admiration society, huh (mash).

    Yes Nebz, the Tsokolate experience was not a pleasant one but it served as a timely reminder for all of us the become more responsible bloggers...