Friday, March 26, 2010

The Agony of Waiting is Over as the Supreme Court Releases the 2009 Bar Exam Results Tonight

To be a lawyer was my childhood dream and I could have given that dream a shot in 2007 had I pursued my law studies. However, by fate and by choice I am here in the desert. I don't regret my choice (maybe just sourgraping) cause if I had luckily become a lawyer, I would unendingly call my wife "Your Honor" instead of the "My Darling" endearment to her.

Waiting with excitement for the results of the Bar Exams has become an annual affair ever since I was in Diliman campus, where we would wake up early in the morning to get hold of the newspaper that carried the list of succesful examinees. There was no internet yet at that time so the newspaper was the fastest way to get the news. The only other way was to go to Padre Faura and push yourself with the mob the moment the Supreme Court posted the list, which was traditionally done at midnight. Lately, the anticipation for waiting is to look for the names of my law school classmates and friends, and also for the law students of my wife.

The journey to becoming a lawyer is an arduous trek... 4 years of law studies, many months of review, sitting in for the exams for 4 Sundays of September under the threat of floods and typhoons... and the worst thing of all is the agony of waiting for another 6 to 7 months in an objectionable position of not having any hint whether or not one has made it.

For the 2009 Bar examinees, the long wait is over with tonight's announcement of the Supreme Court that a total of 1,451 out of 5,903 examinees (24.58%) passed the 2009 Bar Exams.

This year's Top Ten are:
1. Reinier Paul Yebra, San Beda College (SBC), 84.88
2. Charlene Mae Tapic, SBC, 84.60
3. John Paul Lim, Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), 84.50.
4. Caroline Lagos of the University of the Philippines (UP), 84.40
5. Eric David Tan, ADMU, 84.05
6. Yves-Randolph Gonzalez, ADMU, 83.90
7. Joan Mae To, ADMU, 83.65
8. Herminio Bagro III, UP, 83.40
9. Timothy Joseph Lumauig, ADMU, 83.20
10. Naealla Rose Bainto, ADMU, 83.10
10. Sheila Abigail Go, ADMU, 83.10.

Click here for the list of the 2009 Bar Passers.


  1. Hi Mr. NJ! Great to see you again here in Bloggywood haha!

    Know what? If you didnt post this article I would have not known that a cousin of mine passed the bar. Her name is Psyche Fontanilla. She is from Marbel, South Cotabato. I immediately checked the list and was so ecstatic to see her name there. Just now I sent my congratulations to her.

    Thank you Mr. NJ!

  2. ne Muga Abad It has always been the childhood dream of Jethro to become a lawyer. In fact, he was the one who encouraged and wholly supported me to go to law school, to pass the bar and to become who I am today. He is known in their town as a good orator, declaimer, writer... winning school competitions and regional competitions in... his high school days and was thus, expected by his teachers and classmates to be an attorney someday. Years passed and that dream was almost fulfilled when he enrolled in a law school in Cebu City. He topped among all the law students of that school with an excellent weighted average. But on his second year at law school, he chanced upon an ad in the local newspaper inviting technical people-applicants for an interview with the GM of a Jeddah-based company. He went to the interview half-heartedly knowing that law school was still on his mind. But the GM found him very interesting and qualified for the position and quickly offered him the job. In two months time, he was on his way to the desert coast for his new job. But before leaving, he promised his buddies in law school that he will give himself two years and will be coming back to continue with his studies. It has been six years now since that time and still he has not gone back to where he left off. But this does not mean that he is unhappy about is the contrary...he loves his job, the company, the people, the place so much that he continues to be there in the desert coast. And he is right, it would be best that I remain his "darling" than becoming "your honor" to him.

  3. Being acquainted with a lawyer myseLf since 2003 during my annulment case, I learned bits and pieces that being a lawyer does not mean studying the law stops after passing the bar exams.

    Atty Pulido still studies, she has to passed exams of the new Phil laws.

    I think, whatever we do,lawyer or not as long we are happy, we are proud of ourselves.

    Life is so good for you and your wife and despite the separation, you keep your marriage, and Im jealous of it. I lost my ex when I left him to go to France.

    And, whats important you have a wonderful family. And you are still the BOSS of the house!!!
    di po ba Madame ?