Thursday, March 26, 2009

The National Prawn Company Story

It began as a dream....
It began in the desert...
In the desert by the sea...
It became a world leader in aquaculture...

A proven global leader in an environmentally friendly farming, the National Prawn Company is the largest fully integrated desert aquaculture operation in the world and also the world’s largest producer of Peneaus indicus or premium white prawn, currently harvesting approximately 15,000 tons per annum.
What makes the statistics even more staggering is the fact that this is just a beginning of Phase 1 of a most remarkable aquaculture company. Situated south of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia abd fed by the pristine waters of the spectacular Red Sea over US$350M was spent in the construction of Phase 1 which boasts absolute leading-edge technologies, sustainability and food standards. Without mentioning NPC’s intention to extend the aquaculture business in the fish cultivation by 2011, the company’s vision is to be producing in excess of 45,000 tons per annum which will see it strengthen its position as one of the largest fully integrated stand-alone prawn farms in the world.
Watch for yourself this company video that proves that there is life in the desert coast of Saudi Arabia. This will also show that impossible dreams are made possible by men with vision.

This will be my premiere post about my workplace. I will be posting more of my activities here at the desert coast by the Red Sea.


  1. I am very proud to know a blogger- who is one of the key personnels in the NPC, and I'm sure has been part of the company's continuous success!

    A kilogram of prawn in AU supermarket Au$15 to Au$25. Frozen, cooked prawn is my favorite... just add hot water, drain, dyarannnn! ...may sugpo na ako! U Tama po ba 'yong pag-thaw ko? Hot water, or boilong water po ba dapat?

    I literally dropped my jaw while watching the video; and I salivated profusely not because I had opened my mouth but because of the aesthetic presentation of NPC's delicious product- prawns!

    Whoo! Sa Phase 2 mag-aapply ako. U

  2. impressive ang presentation. nakakabilib. malaki pala talaga ang NPC. tsaka ultra-modern ang mga facilities ha.

    hmmm...ano ano'ng vacancies meron jan?

    sige, NJ, post more about your workplace. aabangan namin.

  3. I am really impressed, from a lifeless desert of Saudi Arabia, now a largest fully integrated 'stand alone' prawn farm in the world is now located that adheres to sustainability and high quality aquaculture farming standards.

    It's not just money, its the will of the government and its people to make this dream come true.

  4. Pwede pa ampon? o kaya baka may bakante jan? kahit janitorial lang :D

  5. there's stream in the desert, pinatotohanan mo u sir NJ. and ur doin ur part well..:D..ulitin ko pa ung video, to appreciate ur journey & adventure & good part to its success - al d more.
    more of this.


  6. A dream becoming a reality. Wow! Galing talaga ang mas magaling because you are a part of it.

    Who would have imagined that A global leader in aquaculture would be located in the desert! Only from a dream turning to reality.

  7. talagang tinutukan namin ng misis ko, ang headset inaagaw pa ng anak namin, hehehe, kagaya ng nasabi ko na, ako na lang ang hire mo instead a Nepali and Srilankan, hahaha.

    Pero impressive ang company profile mo. ang galing, at saka nakakarelate ako bilang head ng QA at sa Food related company, napakastrict at kitang kita naman sa profile.

    Galing!!! I am proud nagkaroon ako ng friend na head ng NPC. hehehe

  8. omg!!!am super proud kablog ko si modir nj hindi lang pala basta basta ang pinagtatrabahuhan nya at isa sa mga utak ng company ang galing hindi aakalain nageexist ang isang aquaculture sa disyerto and a global leader pa n aquaculture at ang ganda ng place sarap magswimming lol.

  9. aha checked ur website una kung tiningnan ung careers lol hindi ata ko pwede dyan lol for sure na sa guiness book of record na naman yan worlds largest shrimp farm and worlds biggest producer of shrimp the national prawn co. dahil dito sa saudi hawak rin nila sa guiness book of record ang largest integrated dairy farm in the world the al-safi danone

  10. hello NJ... nice post there about prawn..alam mo bang paborito kong kumain ng prawn...pag yan ang ulam hindi ako nbubusog dahil gusto ko marami akong makain? hahaha!!!

    Nga pala im giving you an award, th uber amazing blog award... check my blogsite for accepting it!!! Thanks for belonging to my top 10 commenters!!!

  11. excellent my friend. keep it up, dear.

  12. How do you restrict losses due to predators? I'm sure those birds at the background are not there to sun-bath. : )

    Very nice workplace and informative post, NJ.

  13. very impressive kuya NJ!
    napakainteresting how it works there..

  14. Bossing!...

    am proud of u bossing!..naks!..

    naadik ako ngayon sa fried hipon dito sa al tanour resto!..hahaha..

    sarap e...

    salamat nga pala sa tag mohandis!.ngayon ko lang napansin yung kasi sa ospital at sumakit na ulo ko sa mga bobong doktor dito...lolz..

    salamat !...gagawin ko yan..

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  16. Alhamdullilah very good company sophisticated with lot of new equipments and new inventions I PRAY FOR PROSPERITY AND SUCCESS

    Shaik Mohammed Dastagir