Saturday, May 22, 2010

Job Opportunity at the Coastal Desert by the Red Sea

After almost two months of hibernating in the sand dunes that were formed by the previous season's sandstorms, I'm back again (for the nth time), courtesy of the onset of the summer sandstorms... The myriads of sand grains bouncing and rolling up the windward surface of the dune that I was in, finally exhumed me out of oblivion.

It is indeed nice to be back again especially with a blogpost that will give an opportunity to our 'kababayans' who are qualified for the position being advertised here. No, I'm not connected with our HR but a friend asked me to post in my blog and to other OFW sites  like KaBlogs, KaBlogs Station (Paging Lord CM and the The Pope in the Job Alert for KaBlogs) and PEBA with the hope and great expectation of getting high-caliber candidates for the position.

Here's the job opportunity being offered at the National Prawn Company.

The Company
Covering an area of approximately 250sq km on the Red Sea Coast in Saudi Arabia, NPC is among the largest, fully integrated prawn farms in the world. The ten farms are fed directly from the pristine, crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. Sustainability is an integral part of NPC’s commitment to its customers, employees and shareholders. Every aspect of production from hatchery to pond to plate is monitored and traceable.
Located 150kms south of the Kingdom’s commercial centre, Jeddah, and close to the ancient port town of Al Lith, NPC’s 2,400 employees help to produce over 15,000 tonnes a year of white prawn (Fenneropenaeus indicus) for sale in the Kingdom and around the world.

The first phase of development is complete with ten farms. Phase II of development is under construction with a further 13 farms. Phase II include aeration of all ponds, on land production of Greater Amberjack and Sea Cucumber (or Sand Fish)

Every aspect of NPC’s production is based on sustainability from pond to plate. No antibiotics are used at any stage of production. An extensive bio-security programme is maintained at all times. NPC is certified for ISO 14001 and is actively seeking other accreditations.

NPC produces shrimp to a variety of sizes as required by our customers around the world and is renowned for its superior quality, texture, color and succulent taste by internationally acclaimed chefs and satisfied consumers alike including those in Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, USA, China and Australia.

NPC began with a small research project in 1982 and with commitment, dedication and a blend of science and art, is proud to have developed such a significant business, which it hopes will contribute to the wider diversification of the Saudi economy through the growth of the aquaculture industry in the Kingdom. More than that, NPC is committed to maintaining and developing its operations to the general benefit of Saudi society economically, socially and environmentally.

The Job Opportunity

Position: Manager – Civil & Construction
Reports to: Head of Department

Contact: Mazlan Bin Ali, GM for Construction & Engineering

The Civil &Construction Manager’s main task is to plan, develop and manage any project that is construction-based for the company. He has the duty of facilitating the construction design, schedule and resources planning including labor and materials. He is to ensures that these designs are implemented with utmost safety and that the whole process flows efficiently. To ensure that the materials in use are safe and that the methods being used are the appropriate ones and are constructed on budget and on time.

1. Responsible for the execution of all construction works including planning for material and human resources and managing through tools such as Microsoft Project ensuring timely completion and on budget
2. Interpreting design drawings for construction and applying construction technique that will help speed up construction and save cost
3. Ensures safe construction methods and procedures
4. Reports to Head of Department on construction’s performances and project issues. Generate reports as required.
5. Prepares technical construction specifications.
6. Performs Civil engineering duties surrounding the following; buildings, infrastructure works, road, bridge, water supply, sewage, hydraulic system such as water intake/outlet works and environmental systems.
7. Coordinates the site and construction activities with the design team, construction team, the user, suppliers and other support services.
8. Acts as the quality control and assurance to ensure that the project objectives are met
9. Other duties as assigned.

1. Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering or Construction Management with at least eight years of engineering experience of which a major part is working with a construction company
2. Working knowledge of Microsoft Project, Words, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCad
3. Good interpersonal skill, analytical thinking, problem solver
4. Work requires willingness to work a flexible schedule.
5. Knowledge and skills in using construction method and materials that will save time and be on budget
6. Ability to provide on the job training to own staff

Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience.

Only candidates who meet the above scope of responsibilities and qualifications will be considered.
NPC at its discretion intends to verify claims about education, skills, experience, and employments.
You can see my previous post about the Company here.


  1. I'm actually thinking of going abroad for work. But as a fresh graduate, I'm thinking of getting a work experience first here before working overseas. Most companies out there requires job experiences before they get to accept applicants.

  2. magandang info ito para sa mga kababayan natinn na gusto magkaroon ng ibang oprtunidad.