Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shadows of a long gone poet

the poem below first appeared in the Middle East Edition of Abante on 17/09/2006 and i remember the poet asked me once (long before it was published ) to read the poem... and yes i read it with matching gestures...

as i look back to that poem reading session that day, i apologize for not giving the right emotion it deserves (maybe i was so carried away by the gestures i had to make...) Truth is that I was so flattered to have been asked and given the chance to read the poem for the first time... reading from the very scratch paper where the poem was originally written by my fine poet-friend...

"Shadows of a long gone poet"
by Mario Acuesta Aguado

felt this anger inside of me
the devil i thought was long gone
showed again its image
of wrath and hostility
a quiescent rage
that brought back mythical fiery.

arm stretched
a mighty sword in one hand
the battlefield begins
on white shaded field
these hurting words
the wound it leaves
mightier than the sword
my pen executes.

heed this venom
flowing through my vein
traits of a long gone poet
kept forcing me to write
hence i write and write and write
like kleptos in a busy store.

let me seize this moment
and be vehement
release this fury
and be triumphant
heed these thoughts
this caged anger
shades of crimson
never been gray
never been amber.

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