A Glimpse of the Last Day of Ramadan 2012

The last day of Ramadan is always being looked forward to by Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. For Muslims, it will be the culmination of their month-long fasting and praying. This annual observance is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is based on the visual sightings of the crescent moon as accounted in the hadiths.

Everyone here in the desert coast expected  the visual sighting of the moon to take place last Friday, 17th August. In fact, I was already invited for a supposed Eid celebration yesterday, Saturday, 18th August but right after Magrib prayers last Friday, my host sent to me a message that the Eid celebration was moved for Sunday, 19th August. Despite the delay, it did not dampen the spirit of Ramadan from everyone. Women still continued to rush in their buying of new clothes and abayas for the holidays. Men are also in malls looking for new set of clothes and thobes.  Malls and retail stores in the cities still extended their work hours to 2:30 a.m. The city streets are still packed and jammed as it was in the previous days.

For Non-Muslims like me, Ramadan is a happy occasion. You get invited for Iftar by your friends to their homes and in the mosques. You get to hear the night time prayer vigils throughout the month. You also have a share and also to share in the gift-giving and to make extra effort to partake in community service. Moreover, Non-Muslims also look forward to the last day as the culmination of a month-long prohibition of eating and drinking in public during daytime. The last day of Ramadan signals that they are already allowed to eat and drink in public during daytime.

The photos taken by my Galaxy Note show a glimpse of the last day of my Ramadan 2012 in the desert coast by the Red Sea.

Sandstorm was so heavy that afternoon that I decided to park by the highway to protect the car from the blasting sand
Sunset fell on us while we were still in the highway
Despite having our light Iftar in the highway, we were consoled to find the freeway as free as a freeway should be
During the last Isha Prayer, we happened to be within the vicinity of the Al’Anani Mosque, Jeddah. It was a good time for me to be seated by the mosque courtyard while everything stood still during the prayer time. Although I cannot understand the Arabic prayers being uttered, it was the best voice ever of an imam, in my 8 years of hearing from a distance, the prayers said in the masjid… It was like an angelic voice.
Dinner at Fuddruckers – Andalus St., Jeddah with friends. The food rocks!
A very happy EID MUBARAK to all our Muslim friends and their families.

A very happy EID MUBARAK to all our Muslim friends and their families.

May the blessings and lessons of the month of Ramadan be with you all throughout the whole year.

May your new year bring you lots of blessings, prosperity, and happiness.

God bless you all!


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One thought on “A Glimpse of the Last Day of Ramadan 2012”

  1. Medyo commercialized din pala ang Eid- “malls, buying new clothes and abayas…”

    I was actually wondering why I have seen the word ‘happy’ (eg. Happy Ramadan) on FB and Twitter at the start of Ramadan 40 days ago, ‘coz I believe that was supposedly a solemn observance. Ngayon dapat gumamit ng ‘happy’ kasi festival na. U

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